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Why do I need to have an Ultra Violet Filtration Service?

Why do I need to have an Ultra Violet Filtration Service?
More households than ever are looking for ways to utilise water supplies that are naturally and freely available, whether this be from private wells, boreholes, lakes and reservoirs.  There is no better taste than pure rainwater, however, the method used to collect the water means it is prone to many harmful bacteria that
is not obvious to the eye or taste.Read more

Looking For Energy Savings?

Pumps currently account for 10% of the world’s electricity consumption.  Most of the pumps in operation are, however, inefficient.  In fact, two-thirds of all pumps use up to 60% too much energy – so the global
energy savings potential is enormous.
Why Do Water Supply Systems Use Excess Energy?
Water supply systems are among applications that often hold significant unrealised energy savings potential.Read more

Top 5 Things You Can Do To Fix Your Submersible Pump

There is nothing worse than having a sump pump fail on you. If it’s a sewage pump, the first thing you might notice is that the electrics have tripped on the control panel, or that when you flush the toilet it starts backing up and the water level isn’t subsiding.
Worse still,Read more

Mawdsleys Pump Services Sponsor Ilminster Giants Under 12’s

Mawdsleys Pump Services are proud to announce their recent sponsorship of Ilminster Giants Under 12’s who play in the 1st Division of The Toolstation Western Football League.
Ilminster Giants U12 football team have been together for several years,  in the 2013-2014 season, they won the league in division 2,  which earnt them promotion to division one.Read more

Level 2 Apprentice Engineer Opportunity

Somerset Pumps has recently been acquired by Mawdsleys BER Ltd. a Bristol based Mechanical and Electrical Company.   Due to the growth and investment of the business from Mawdsleys BER we are now looking to recruit a Level 2 Apprentice Engineer.  Mawdsleys BER Ltd is a Bristol-based firm specialising in the repair,Read more

British Pump Manufacturers Association Golf Day

Our Sales Director Paul, was invited to play Golf in a team of four for Flowserve Pumps in the BPMA Golf Day (British Pump Manufacturers Association) at Goodwood Golf and Country Club.
The Annual Golf day involves many UK pump manufacturers and is a great opportunity to meet with UK pump suppliers to discuss new products,Read more

Inhouse Water Filtration Training

The whole team have recently attended a workshop to discuss water treatment & filtration. New techniques of dealing with various water quality issues were discussed as well as hands on training of the various systems, not just for our specialists, we also provided training for the office & sales staff!
Everything from basic sand &Read more

Prevent Clogged Drains With Greedos

Looking for an eco-friendly and effective solution to ban grease from your kitchen? Greedo is designed to stop grease, clogged drains and overflows- best used in conjunction with our automatic dosing pumps.
Greedo’s Liquid Enzyme Solution prevents the build-up of grease, fats and oils in Grease Traps and Pipe Line. It maintains free-running drains and dissolves fats,Read more

Spring Maintenance Schedule

Why is it important to get my pump ready for spring?
Depending on your business and type of pump there are two reasons:-

  1. Your Pumping system has laid dormant during the closed season.  This can lead to seized bearings, mechanical seal degradation, valve and associated pipework problems.  These issues are always best dealt with before the season starts.  

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