AC/DC Electric Motor Winder

Role Title: AC/DC Electric Motor Winder

Purpose of role: To Repair / Refurbish AC/DC Electric Motors

Reports to: Production Co-Ordinator

Reportees: None at present

Location: Unit C2 Kingsland Trading Estate, St. Phillips Road, Bristol. BS2 0JZ

Main Duties:

  • Assembles and tests electric motor and generator stators, armatures, or rotors: Inspects cores for defects and aligns laminations, using hammer and drift
  • Files burrs from core slots, using hand file, portable power file, and scraper
  • Lines slots with sheet insulation and inserts coils into slots
  • Cuts, strips, and bends wire leads at ends of coils, using pliers and wire scrapers
  • Twists leads together to connect coils
  • Taps coil and end windings to shape, using hammer and fiber block
  • Tests windings for motor-housing clearance, grounds, and short circuits, using clearance gauge, growler, spring-steel blade, telephone receiver, insulation tester, and resistance bridge
  • Winds new coils on armatures, stators, or rotors of used motors and generators
  • May rewind defective coils
  • May be designated according to motor part wound as Armature Winder; Rotor Winder; Stator Winder

Types of equipment you will be expected to work with:

  • All types of AC/DC Motors

Qualifications and experience required to do this role:

  • Experienced in this specific discipline

This role profile is not exhaustive; it will be subject to periodic review and may be amended to meet the changing needs of the business. The post holder will be expected to participate in this process and the Mawdsleys HR Representative would aim to reach agreement to the changes.

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