Bio Blocks Preventing Build Up Of Fats Within Sewage Sumps and Pipework

Bio Blocks – Effective Treatment in preventing build up of fats within Sewage Sumps and Pipework

Why use Bio Blocks?

  • Eliminate Blockages
  • Reduce Pump Wear
  • Reduce Odours
  • Eliminate the need to use hazardous chemicals
  • Reduces Tankering and Jetting
  • Does not damage drain walls or bonding

Grease In Sump Pump







Grease in Sewage Sump – The above picture shows a lifting station contaminated with high levels of fat.

Grease In Sump Pump removal







Biological Water Treatment – The above picture shows a large Bio Block next to a ladder in the same well 4 days later.

The Product
Sewage Sump Application
Bio Blocks are designed to release a dose of selected microbes into an effluent sump that is contaminated with large quantities of organic waste and fats.

It is designed to dissolve completely over a period of time.

The Bio Block comes in three sizes, small, medium and large and will be selected on the size of sump, contamination and usage.

The primary application of Bio Blocks is to prevent the build up of organic waste and degrade fats, this will allow waste to pass through drainage systems without causing blockages, damage to pumps and floats.

The benefit of flow related dosing is that all waste is treated, unlike periodical liquid dosing that can be hit or miss.

The Bio Block has been designed to work in low oxygen conditions and where the flow has a variable PH level.