Failed Well Pump – Identification & Replacement

Failed Well Pump Repair History

We recently had a phone call from a farm in Merriott, Somerset.  Their borehole pump had failed a few months previously and they were currently relying on a 20 year old well pump to provide water to the farmhouse.  Unfortunately, that morning the well pump failed and they were without water and in need of an urgent replacement pump.


Our engineer was able to attend the same day and identified the motor windings were down to earth. Due to the age of the pump and the lack of a nameplate we specified a replacement pump based on the site requirements.

This picture shows the inside of the well prior to replacing pump and pipe work from the original union (top right of picture) and reconnect the 240-volt power supply.


The pump specified was a Lowara Scuba 0.9KW Well Pump.  The well pump is fitted with an integral float which is more than capable of lifting the water 18 metres up to a 240-gallon tank sited on the flat roof.

The Scuba series is a 5” close-coupled submersible pump. The pump has an integrated electric motor which is cooled by pumped liquid. The double mechanical face seals and the technopolymer impellers ensure superior performances and maximum operational efficiency.  The single phase version has an internal capacitor and built-in thermal protection meaning the pump does not require a connection to a control panel for starting. This design makes the submersible pump the ideal choice for primary water supply in tanks or reservoirs, sprinkler irrigation systems and pressure boosting as it can be installed directly inside tanks or wells to avoid suction problems.


  • Delivery: up to 7.50 m³/h
  • Head: up to 80 m
  • Power supply: both single and three-phase 50 and 60 Hz
  • Power: from 0.55 kW up to 1.10 kW
  • Temperature of pumped liquid: to 40 °C
  • Maximum immersion depth: 20 m
  • Free passage: up to 2.5 mm


Our engineers attended site with the replacement Lowara pump and entered the well to replace the pipework and pump.  Once installed the system was tested and commissioned.