Offering An Alternative To Umbilical Slurry Spreading

Chris Baigent, our technical Sales manager, visited a farm near Calne in Wiltshire this week to advice on the installation of a dirty water disposal system.

Currently, the farm has a slurry lagoon at the lowest point on his land which is tankered regularly. This is costly, time consuming and not always convenient.  The farmer was looking for a more controlled solution which would avoid tankering.

The system will be based on a submersible macerator pump directly installed into the slurry store on a floating pontoon.  The pump will supply four manually moveable sprinklers, each capable of delivering 500 gph (2,300 lph), resulting in true low rate irrigation.  Two hydrants (take off points) will be supplied together with the pipework to enable the sprinklers to be relocated as required.

Hundreds of these simple systems have been supplied for over 30 years and have proved to be effective and reliable.

For further information regarding our dirty water services offering look at our dedicated dirty water pumps page.

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