Overhaul of an Agricultural Dirty Water Pump Disposal System

Dirty Pump Overhaul equipmentThis week our Technical Engineer has been on site at a farm to discuss the overhaul of his current dirty water disposal system. After many years of struggling with a system that didn’t keep up with his slurry disposal requirements his pump failed and a new solution needed.

With over 30 years of experience in designing and installing systems that offer solutions in the irrigation of slurry, to farms across the UK, we were well placed to offer a practical and cost-effective solution.

Initially, the farmer contacted us to quote for a replacement pump, however during our discussion it became apparent that the system had never been satisfactory and to replace the pump would only bring back historical problems with the system.  It was agreed to meet with the farmer on site with our Technical Engineer to survey his current system and how it could be improved and quote for an upgraded system.

Our system, which uses a submersible macerator pump, incorporates a non-return valve and anti-syphon device to eliminate air-locking and pump cycling. The control system is monitored by a green bulkhead light which provides a visual indication that the system is ready for use.  The manually movable sprinklers (four in this case) are of simple and reliable design and are selected to work efficiently with the submersible macerator pumps that we recommend. 

Each sprinkler will discharge 36 lpm (500 gph) at a radius of 15 metres (49 feet). The pump is normally installed on a fabricated stainless steel base c/w lifting handle.  This supports the pump in a position approx. 30 cm above the bottom of the pit, and provides a means of safely lifting the pump and base using a front end loader or similar equipment.  (The pump is disconnected from the system utilising quick-release couplings which are a feature of our standard installation.)

The pipework system utilises standard components throughout so that replacement items are readily available.  We carry extensive stocks of these for immediate despatch if required.

We generally recommend the ABS Piranha range of submersible macerator pumps for most of our systems.  We have found these to be robust and reliable over many years of installing agricultural dirty water systems.  We offer a two year warranty on the pump unit (subject to a free one year inspection being carried out), and thereafter an annual service contract to maintain the pump at its optimum performance.