Replacing Failed DN300 Pipework within an Industrial Storm Water Sump

Replacing failed DN300 PipeworkMawdsleys Pump Services have recently completed an upgrade on DN300 pipe work and flanges on two 33KW Flygt Storm Water Pumps at an industrial customer site in Westbury, Wiltshire.

Over time pipework can become corroded which can lead to the recirculation of water within the sump. This will lead to pumps working overtime and could significantly reduce the life of the pump as well as increased energy bills.

During a routine maintenance visit, the pipework was discovered to be leaking and was highlighted for essential works.

Video Showing Leaking DN300 Pipework in Storm Water Sump

A Comprehensive Risk and Method Statement was carried out prior to agreement and commencement of works.

The job involved sub-contracting to a crane company to raise the pumps from the sump, confined space entry was required to enter the sump to enable removal and reinstallation of failing flanges and gaskets at the bottom section of each outlet pipe.

The pipe was 12″ DN300 PN16 pipe work and hadn’t been touched in over 20 years.

confined space entry into storm water sump

To undertake the work two consecutive dry days were chosen and all valves were isolated prior to works commencing.

The removal of the failed pipework was a critical part of the work to ensure further damage was not caused within the sump.

Our on-site engineers welded the new DN300 PN16 flanges to the pipe work in place to ensure a water tight connection was achieved.

Mawdsleys fixing a broken storm water sumpr

The pipework repair was completed and the isolated valves were opened to test the repaired pipework. Pumps were lowed back into the sump,and a full service was completed.

The works were scheduled to take two days and finished on time and within the agreed budget.

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