Water Pressure Boost

A water pressure boost for hospitals and hotels

Low water pressure is bad enough at home. If the shower is more like a drip than a drench or the bath takes forever to fill, it can be incredibly frustrating. But when you’re dealing with a hospital, hotel or even student accommodation, the problem is seriously magnified.

In hospitals especially, with hygiene a priority, the need for multiple showers or bathrooms to operate efficiently simultaneously is crucial. That’s why we’ve been working closely with hospitals to provide a bespoke and cost effective solution to the problem of low water pressure.

Give it a boost

The answer lies in booster pumps. These come in a range of options and can be tailored to suit whatever system you already have in place. At Mawdsleys Pump Services, we manufacture and supply booster pump sets for a whole range of domestic and commercial applications from hospitals and hotels to student accommodation, apartment blocks and factories. And the great thing is, because we put together bespoke units, we’re able to find the right water pressure boosting solution for most settings.

The unexpected benefits

As you’d expect, the main benefit of installing a booster pump is that you give your water pressure a much needed boost. That means your baths, showers and taps all operate more quickly and efficiently, giving the user a better experience. What you might not expect is that they can actually save you money too. In fact, many of the case studies show that the cost saving efficiencies will actually offset the cost of installation in just a few years. So everyone wins.

Real savings for Guy’s Hospital

To give you an idea of how installing a new pump system can hugely benefit your organisation, take a look at what happened when Guys Hospital in London called in some help to review and update their systems.

The first step was to thoroughly investigate their existing set up and produce an energy check for them. This involved looking at performance criteria, as well as the age and size of the current system. It also involved talking to the customer to ascertain the running hours and frequency of use for each bathroom – an essential part of any system investigation.

To produce an accurate analysis, it’s essential to carry out a detailed investigation to fully understanding the system already in place and how it will be used. Only then can specific recommendations be made that give the best solution to each problem.

It was found that Guy’s Hospital was running on two existing pumps. They were advised to replace these old pumps with two new and highly efficient pumps, manufactured by Grundfos. This company has been in the pump market for over 60 years and produces more than 16 million pump units every year for use right around the world. So they certainly know what they’re doing.

The new pumps that were recommended, feature the latest motor technology. They’re capable of delivering impressive energy efficiency that exceeds the IE4 levels, as well as superior reliability and impeccable performance. They also operate with much lower noise levels than some pumps, making them especially suitable for hospital, hotel and domestic use.

A theoretical estimation was then made on the likely energy savings through a 1 to 1 pump replacement. By using this information, it was then possible to look at the situation in financial terms and project possible savings over both a ten and fifteen year period.

Here are the findings of that investigation in a simplified form:

Annual energy savings in kWh 37668.00
Annual savings in GBP 3766.80
Reduction in CO2 emissions in Tonnes 18.04
Payback time in years 2.53
Price per kWh in GBP 0.10
Energy price increase yearly [%] 2.50
CO2 rate [g/kWh] 479.00
Cost of new equipment in GBP 9984.00
Commissioning in GBP 0.00
Accessories in GBP 0.00
Service contract in GBP 0.00
Total investment in GBP 9984.00
Savings for the period of 10 years 33271.92
Savings for the period of 15 years 59250.63
So this estimation paints quite a staggering picture. By boosting the performance of water pressure through the installation of a new pumping system there could be multiple benefits for Guy’s Hospital. Firstly they’ll be operating more efficiently and be able to cut CO2 emissions quite considerably. Secondly, once they’ve made the initial investment for new equipment, this will be offset year on year by the substantial efficiency savings they’re able to make.

That means in just over 2 years, Guy’s Hospital could make back their initial investment – and over a period of fifteen years, they could be looking at a whopping potential saving of £59,250.63.

See what difference it could make for you

If you’re running a hospital, hotel or any setting with multiple bathrooms and are suffering from low water pressure, talk to us at Mawdsleys Pump Services.

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