Inhouse Water Filtration Training

The whole team have recently attended a workshop to discuss water treatment & filtration. New techniques of dealing with various water quality issues were discussed as well as hands on training of the various systems, not just for our specialists, we also provided training for the office & sales staff!

Somerset pumps receive inhouse water filtration trainingEverything from basic sand & media filtration which remove particulates, carbon to remove bad taste or smell, to ion exchange systems to deal with hardness, high levels of nitrates or iron & manganese which can cause unsightly staining and even cause health issues.

Pre-filtration is required as sediment can give the bacteria somewhere to hide, so regular replacement of the sediment filter and the ultra-violet tube is important in maintaining your water protection.  UV treatment systems to disinfect your drinking water of bacteria, viruses, spores & Moulds.

Our picture shows a kit of UV tube and sediment housing/filters.

Need a Hand?

For any other help or information on our water filtration services give one of our branches a call today on,

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