Prevent Clogged Drains With Greedos

Looking for an eco-friendly and effective solution to ban grease from your kitchen? Greedo is designed to stop grease, clogged drains and overflows- best used in conjunction with our automatic dosing pumps.

Greedo’s Liquid Enzyme Solution prevents the build-up of grease, fats and oils in Grease Traps and Pipe Line. It maintains free-running drains and dissolves fats, oil and grease (FOGs)

What Are The Benefits Of Greedos Grease Eater?

Biologically and rapidly breaks down grease, fats and oils (FOG’s)

  • Stops grease clogged drains, sewage back-ups and overflows
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours
  • Option to prevent automatically using our fully automated Dosing Pump
  • Drastically reduces grease trap emptying intervals
  • Stops grease clogged drains, sewage back-ups and overflows
  • Use in conjunction with Mawdsleys Pump Services’ automatic Dosing Pumps
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No frequent emptying of your fat trap, grease traps, septic tanks and cesspits.
  • No disruptions from blocked pipes and drains
  • No potential lost business because of offensive smells
  • No need for emergency rodding or flooding
  • Prevents damage from flooding as a result of blocked drains and sewage back-ups
  • No residue, environmentally friendly and safer to use than harsh chemicals
  • No exceeding discharge consent levels
  • No illegal discharge to sewer
  • Eliminates insect and rodent problems

Cleaning System
N.B. When first using Greedos it is best to start with a cleaned system otherwise dislodged fat could block the pipe work.

When adding manually, mix quantity required with 2 litres of warm water before using. Dose Daily- Manually or Automatically through Greedos dosing pump (@25ml minute).

Domestic Applications – Dose at 2 shots (50ml) per day using the Manual Dosing Dispenser. Apply last thing at night mixed with 2 litres of warm water so that Greedos gets past the sink u-bend.  20 litre e


Drainage Run Without Grease Trap

From FOG discharge to the main sewer connection

Pipe in Run metres Pump Dose Rate Mins Day

Daily Dose Level

0-15 m 6 150ml a day
15-50m 7 175ml a day
50-75m 8 200ml a day
75m+ 12 300ml a day
Treat via sink every night add amount required and mix with 2 litres of water and send to drain.
Systems With Grease Traps Fitted
Grease Trap Size


Pump Dose Rate

Mins a Day

Daily Dose Level
Up to 50 ltr 6 150ml
50-200 ltr 7 175ml
200-300 ltr 8 200ml
300 ltr 12 300ml
1,00 ltr 16 400ml
2,000 ltr 20 500ml
Use Greedos an hour after the kitchen closes  to avoid any boiling water or fats.

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