Farm Slurry Irrigation System

The build-up of dirty water and slurry is a problem on farms that affects areas where excess water is used or produced, such as livestock pens, washing areas and flat areas.

As the water may be contaminated by animal waste, silage effluent, or other toxins it cannot be dispersed and so is often collected in a lagoon to convert into fertiliser that can eventually be reused on the land.

However, this process takes a long time and slurry pits are extremely dangerous; creating harmful gases that can be fatal to livestock and workers. Furthermore, any new slurry storage unit must adhere to strict rules which govern where they can be built and what specification they must be built to.

These regulations can generate huge additional costs for farms and leave them liable to fines if their slurry storage tanks do not meet the specifications.

Our travelling irrigation system is designed to reduce the risks associated with slurry by safely disposing of dirty water and thin slurry on farms through a simple yet efficient pumping system.

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Key Features

Our farm slurry system is specifically designed to meet the challenges of dirty water disposal on farms with a range of bespoke features:

  • Low boom height which keeps smell and drift to a minimum
  • Low-pressure requirement of just 2 bars and low energy usage
  • Choice of 5 travel speeds to allow varied application rates
  • Three models to suit your requirements
  • Can also be used as a clean water irrigator
  • Simple and reliable auto-start drive mechanism
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Automatic shut off valve
  • Floatation tyres to suit farmland
  • Flexible rubber nozzles to prevent blockages
  • Lightweight unit – easily moved by hand

Importantly, the application rates of the irrigation system can be capped at 5mm and the low trajectory of the throw means the height of the liquid is below 4mm, meaning the system adheres to the best practice guidelines for the application of slurry and dirty water.

Farm slurry system disposing of dirty water

How It Works

This simple yet highly effective unit is self-travelling thanks to a revolving boom which drives a toothed drum. During operation, a wire rope is winded in by the drum which is anchored at the end of the field, this then pulls the unit along.

Once the run has ended, the built-in drive mechanism is tripped which causes the shut-off valve to close and therefore, the pump to switch off.

We offer a range of pump sets that are compatible with the unit and your site. All pump sets supplied with the irrigation system are designed to offer reliable service and low maintenance requirements.

Dirty water irrigators

Accessories and Additional Options

The slurry irrigation system is available with a range of accessories to build a unit which is completely suitable for your desired application:

  • Folding Booms – For easier storage and transportation.
  • Rubber Nozzles – Flat and cone nozzles depending on the output of the unit.
  • Layflat Hose – Medium or heavy duty depending on the output and pressure.
  • Couplings – Camlock and Bauer type coupling can be supplied with all units.
  • Raised Chassis – For higher ground clearance.
  • Clean Water Kit – Nozzles for enabling clean water irrigation.
  • Quick Release Mechanism – To release the rope tension at the end of a run.

If you have further irrigation requirements, we offer a high quality long reach clean water irrigation system which is an ideal solution for farms and offers an irrigation diameter of up to 100 metres.

Talk to the Experts

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