Why Should I have a Maintenance Schedule for my Pumps?

Pump station Emergency call outs and Breakdown’s

In our experience, a large proportion of emergency call outs and breakdowns are attributed to a lack of regular scheduled maintenance.

The cause of breakdowns vary from submersible pump blockages, level control switch failures, Pipe work and valve problems, switchgear and electrical supply faults through to total pump failure. The level of emergency calls are reduced dramatically on pump stations that are regularly maintained and serviced.

The varied nature of pump station failures demands a broad expertise in both mechanical and electrical disciplines. Our fully qualified and trained engineers should be able to resolve most emergency pump system failures within a few hours.

The majority of pump stations comprise two pumps with a control system to alternate the lead pump after each operation with the second pump acting as a standby. It is unusual on an emergency call out to find a situation where it is not possible to get the system operational even if this has to be on a temporary basis.

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