Portable Long Reach Irrigation

Irrigation Systems and Services for all Applications

At Mawdsleys Pump Services we offer design, supply & installation of new irrigation, sprinkler and pop up systems, plus service contracts and repairs to existing facilities.  LRI is ideal for:

  • Football PitchesLong reach irrigation in action at Bristol football club
  • Rugby Pitches
  • Cricket Grounds
  • Equestrian Centers and Riding Schools
  • School Playing Fields
  • Race Courses
  • Hockey Fields
  • Quarries and Mining Sites 

Long Reach Irrigation

Our Long Reach Irrigator 

(LRI) is a unique portable watering system – LRI25 & 50 are automatic, 12V Battery Operated, mobile watering systems that provide a means of watering large areas quickly and efficiently, even if current water supplies are poor or have insufficient pressure. It is the only irrigation unit currently available that can enable a large rain gun to operate on a standard mains supply.

Sports fields and pitches benefit from LRIs as the turfed areas are usually so vast it is difficult to keep them suitably watered without an irrigation system of some kind. To attempt this job without an effective irrigation system could take days to be done correctly, but with an 

LRI it can be achieved in a couple of hours or less depending on the size of the area.

Equestrian Centres benefit from LRIs as the fine spray is perfect for dust suppression in their schools and arenas in the summer months.

Whatever application you require an irrigation system for, it will become integral to your maintenance process, as it enables you to uphold the quality and performance of any surface, which is crucial not only for the ground itself but for people using the surface as well.

What Can We Supply & What Are the Costs?

We have two different units available in stock which will suit different needs based on the area you wish to cover.

  • SP LRI 25 – up to 25m radius – 50m diameter
    SP LRI 50 – up to 50m radius – 100m diameter

All our football field sprinkler systems are supplied at a highly competitive price and offer significant savings over other pitch irrigation systems. To find out more and get up-to-date prices please get in touch or fill out the form below to request a callback



Long Reach irrigation pump in a sports field

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Testimonial from Crystal Palace Football Club

We are passionate at being able to provide the most suitable and best results for our clients, and we are thrilled when we receive great feedback, Crystal Palace Football Club required a system to help maintain their football grounds, and here is what their Head Groundsman had to say:

“We use our Long Reach Irrigators all the time. They are particularly good if you leave them on overnight. Out portable LRIs cover such a wide area and give the perfect sprinkling, so they don’t puddle up.

The other benefit is the long reach, which you can adapt to suit the area you need watered. It is particularly good before training sessions or matches when we need to lightly water the whole pitch in a very short time – the LRIs only take one hour to water the whole pitch whereas ordinary travelling sprinklers take 3 hours.”

Mark Perrin, Head Groundsman, Crystal Palace Football Club

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