Sewage Treatment Pumps

Ssewage pump breakdownewage Treatment Plant Pumping Systems

  • Bespoke Design and Installation
  • Service plans to allow smooth operation
  • 24 Hour Breakdown Attendance 365 days per year
  • Upgrade of Equipment to meet Guidelines
  • Telemetry Units and Full Monitoring Systems
  • Pump Equipment Repair or Replacement Service
  • Compressor motor rewind/replacement

sewage pump breakdownExperience & Knowledge

Mawdsleys Pumps has many years experience upgrading, replacing, and installing many different brands of Treatment plants, from Industrial sites, Domestic, large leisure and retail parks. Once installed we offer advice on maintenance and issue a service agreement to offer our clients peace of mind and confidence.

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation

Deciding on the correct sewage treatment and disposal method is critical to ensure value for money, long-term performance and the environment.

We also ensure you comply with the relevant legislation.

A number of factors need to be taken into account and Mawdsleys Pump Services can help you make an informed decision.

A Sewage Treatment Plant can discharge to a watercourse or your drainage field with the consent from the Environmental Agency.

Several different types of package sewage treatment plants are available, all work slightly different and treat the sewage differently, but each unit uses micro-organisms that break down the organic matter in the sewage.

Sewage Treatment Plant Maintenance

Here are two great reasons to choose Mawdsleys Pump Services as your pump servicing provider:-

  • We’re Knowledgeable – Our close knit team of experienced engineers has the know how to maintain and service your sewage treatment plant. We are familiar with Klargester, Conder, Vortex, Falcon, clearwater, Titan, Entec, Biorock, Bio-Pure, Biodigester, Valance, PureFlo, GreenFlo, WPL, BioKube, Jewel, Waterwise, and many more.
  • We’re Local – Whether your sewage treatment plant is in Bristol, Gloucester, Cardiff or anywhere in the South West England or Wales, our team is here to service it.  Day or night, our team are always on hand to tackle your pumping requirements. We give great service Friendly, straight forward service from a single point of contact is what you can expect when you talk to Mawdsleys Pump Services.

Need advice on making your decision ?

When we first receive an enquiry regarding a new installation or service one of our technical specialists will contact you to discuss your requirements, expectations and produce a system which is suitable for your needs and budget.

If you are thinking about installing a septic tank, rather than a Treatment plant we can help you with information about running costs, tanker charges, frequency of tanker visits etc. as these can make the choice of equipment a little easier.

Above Ground Pumping Station

Grinder-Single-Pump-Station--145791903900T T Trojan – Grinder. A compact complete unit supplied with pumps, valves and control panel, which is easily installed and maintained.

Can be supplied as a single or dual pump with vortex, channel or grinder pump options.

The T-T Trojan is an above-ground pumping station with Single/Dual Grinder Pump options. A compact complete unit supplied with pumps, valves and control panel, which is easily installed and maintained.


• Polyethylene chamber

• 55l or 150l capacity

Dual-Pumping-Station-145791933100• Complete unit fitted with single/dual grinder pumps

• 1.7kW or 3.2kW options

• DN80 or DN100 inlet

• Single DN32 outlet Dual DN50 outlet connection on Y-pipe

• Pneumatic level control with LCD display, fault and alarm options available


For use in waste water or sewage applications where removal is not possible under gravity, such as a single dwelling and multiple developments.

Contact Our Expert Team

If you have any questions regarding our process for  installation, maintenance and repair of sewage treatment pumps, Contact us on Bristol: 0117 9552481 to speak with our technical sales team today.