Borehole Pumps

Diagram Of A Borehole Pump - how a borehole pump worksBorehole Pumping Systems – Supply, Installation and Repair

Borehole Pumps have been installed by Mawdsleys Pump Services across the South West and South Wales for many years. We are able to specify and supply borehole pumps as well as install and replace failed borehole pumps. We understand the importance of a failed pump and are able to offer breakdown attendance to quickly ascertain the issues onsite.

We supply borehole pumps and specialise in Lowara, TT Pumps, Pedrolla, Flygt, DAB, KSB, ABS, and many more.

We attend your site and offer advice on water quality and pump selection free of charge.

Our specialist borehole pump services include:

  • Water Diviner – to identify the suitability and location of the borehole.
  • Borehole Driller – We have been working closely with a local driller for over 10 years.
  • Borehole Yield Testing – To Identify the Quality and Quantity of Water.
  • Borehole Selection – We select the ideal Borehole Pump to meet your requirements.
  • Borehole Pump Supply – Available with Short Lead Times
  • Borehole Pump Installation – Installed by Qualified, Knowledgeable Engineers
  • Complete system flush – Flushing the entire system
  • Borehole Cleaning – Tank cleaning services
  • Filtration Package -We offer Filter Packages Suitable for your water treatment needs

My borehole pump has failed how quickly can you replace it?

We will always prioritise a site with no water and attend the same day. We do work with a number of suppliers and are often able to replace or repair your equipment the same day. As we offer a 24/7 breakdown cover we can always be contacted.


No Mains Water?

If you are looking for a free water supply, then a borehole might be the solution you are looking for.

With our technical expertise, we are able to offer advice and help from the start of the project through to supplying and installing a borehole pump with suitable filtration.

How much will a borehole cost?

Depending on the depth and quality of the water found a standard borehole can cost as little as £3000.00.

What’s the first step in having a borehole pump?

Firstly, it is important to establish if there is water on your property and secondly the estimated cost of recovering it. By contacting Mawdsleys Pump Services we are able to offer advice from start to completion.
Borehole Installation

Mawdsleys Pump Services work with a number of pre-qualified and proven borehole drillers across the South West and South Wales.

Depending on your location Mawdsley Pump Services will put you in touch with the most suitable and qualified borehole contractor.

On completion of drilling Mawdsleys Pump Services will analyse the water quality and establish the filtration requirement and pump selection needed.

Talk To The Experts

For any assistance you require with any aspect of your Borehole Pump’s installation, maintenance or repair, give Mawdsleys Pump Services a call on Bristol: 0117 9552481. For 24/7 breakdown attendance.