Borehole Pump Installation, Servicing and Repair

Borehole Pumping Systems – Installation, Repair and Servicing

Mawdsleys Pumps Services are experts in the design, installation, ongoing maintenance and emergency repair of borehole pumps, providing bespoke solutions to suit your requirements.

We are able to specify, supply and install borehole pumps as well as repair or replace failed borehole pumps.

We understand the importance of a failed pump and are able to offer emergency breakdown attendance to quickly ascertain the issues onsite.

If you think you would benefit from a borehole pump installation, or are experiencing problems with your current set up, call the team at Mawdsleys today on 0117 954 8030.

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    Borehole Services 

    We provide an end to end service for the design, supply, installation and ongoing care of borehole pumping systems, our services include:

    • Water Diviner– To identify the suitability and location of the borehole.
    • Borehole Driller– We have been working closely with a local driller for over 10 years.
    • Borehole Yield Testing– To identify the quality and quantity of water.
    • Borehole Selection– We select the ideal borehole pump to meet your requirements.
    • Borehole Pump Supply – Available with short lead times.
    • Borehole Pump Installation– Installed by qualified, knowledgeable engineers.
    • Complete System Flush – Flushing the entire system.
    • Borehole Cleaning – Cleaning services to prevent the build up of minerals such as iron, manganese and calcium carbonate.
    • Filtration Package-We offer filter packages suitable for your water treatment needs.
    • Tailored Service Contracts – To keep your borehole in good condition and prevent the risk of unexpected breakdown
    • Emergency Borehole Repair Service – You can call a member of the Mawdsleys Pumps team 24/7 365 to use our emergency borehole pump breakdown service.

    Benefits of a Borehole Pump

    Borehole pumps offer a number of benefits once installed including:

    • Access to free drinking water 24/7
    • Independent from mains water
    • May add value to premises
    • Save money, a borehole will pay itself off in the long run

    Common Faults with Borehole Pumps

    If you are experiencing any of these common faults with your borehole pump, give one of the team at Mawdsleys Pumps for a prompt response:

    • Pressure switch failure
    • Pressure vessel failure
    • Cable, pipe or non-return valve failure
    • Pump producing less water
    • No water from pump
    • Deposits blocking pipes
    • Reduced pressure
    • Rusty slime onside of the pipework
    • Tank not filling fast enough
    • Unclean water coming from pump

    Why Choose Mawdsleys Pumps?

    When choosing Mawdsleys Pumps for your borehole installation, service or repair, you benefit from the following:

      • We offer 24-hour 365 emergency borehole repair service
      • We attend your site and offer advice on water quality and pump selection free of charge
      • Our fully equipped workshop means we can carry out most repairs in-house with a fast turnaround
      • We can offer complete system surveys to advise on improvements and efficiencies that could be made to your pumps
      • All of our engineers providing on-site services are confined space trained
      • We work with all leading manufacturers of borehole pumps including Lowara, TT Pumps, Pedrollo, Grundfos, DAB, KSB and many more.

    Borehole Camera Surveys 

    We are able to carry out borehole camera surveys using the R-CAM 1000 XLT Downhole Camera System.

    Key features of R-CAM 1000 XLT include:

    • Portable camera control unit with hard case and locking mechanism.
    • On screen depth counter with calibration measured in feet and tenths or metres.
    • 9 inch colour DVR monitor with record and playback feature.
    • Adjustable speed powered winch with 300m (1000ft) of Kevlar reinforced coaxial cable.
    • Mini Bluetooth keyboard remote (qwerty).
    • High intensity lighting / dual camera system with 50 super bright, shockproof, water clear LEDs with adjustable settings.
    • Dual wide angle cameras with remote switching and continuous 360 degree rotation.
    • Portable 12v battery with charger and digital voltmeter, rechargeable for local current.
    • Custom two wheeled transport unit.

    Download Full Specifications PDF

    This technology not only allows us to inspect boreholes before recommending what remedial work is required but also gives clients the opportunity to view well conditions and approve completed works.

    Case Study – Replacing a Failed Borehole Pump

    When a 180-hectare farm in Cannington was experiencing reduced water output from their borehole pump, they were reliant on mains water at significant expense.

    After contacting Mawdsleys Pumps, we visited their site to inspect and recommended a system refurbishment. Following accepted quotation, we installed a replacement borehole pump, two storage tanks, two booster sets and modified the pipework. Read the full case study here.

    Borehole FAQs

    My borehole pump has failed how quickly can you replace it?

    We will always prioritise a site with no water and attend the same day. We work with a number of suppliers and are often able to replace or repair your equipment the same day.

    How much will a borehole cost?

    Depending on the depth and quality of the water found a standard borehole can cost as little as £3000.00.

    What’s the process of having a borehole pump installed?

    Firstly, it is important to establish if there is water on your property and secondly, the estimated cost of recovering it.

    Mawdsleys Pump Services work with a number of pre-qualified and proven borehole drillers across the UK.

    Depending on your location Mawdsleys Pump Services will put you in touch with the most suitable and qualified borehole contractor.

    On completion of drilling, Mawdsleys Pump Services will analyse the water quality and establish the filtration requirement and pump selection needed.

    Talk to The Experts

    If you require assistance with any aspect of your borehole pump installation, or are experiencing underperformance from your current system, we can help. Give us a call on 0117 954 8030 or fill out a contact form and we will get back to you.