Pumping Systems

Pumping Systems

Here at Mawdsleys we have years of experience with all types of pumping systems and pumps. Click the pages below to see more detail of how we can help you install, repair or maintain your pumping system. Or call us on Bristol: 0117 954 8030.

image of a booster pump

Booster Pumps

We manufacture and supply booster pump sets for domestic, commercial applications, private water supplies, hospitals, hotels and factories where the mains water pressure needs boosting. Our experienced team can also carry out comprehensive booster pump repairs and servicing.
Booster Pumps Services
close up image of a sewage pump

Sewage Pumps

Our team has years of experience working with leading brands of sewage pump. Whether you require assistance with Sewage Pumps, maintenance, installation or emergency repair, we offer the most competitive and energy efficient solutions for your individual requirements and budget.
Sewage Pumps Services

Submersible Pumps

We supply and install all types of submersible pumps including 24 hour break down attendance and repair and maintenance contracts. Our engineers have been working with submersible pumps for many years and have a wealth of experience in dealing with all brands and models of pumps.
Submersible Pumps Services
close up of parts of a man hole pump

Borehole Pumps

  We have installed hundreds of boreholes across the South West. We are able to specify and supply borehole pumps as well as install and replace failed borehole pumps. We attend your site and offer advice on water quality and pump selection free of charge.
Borehole Pumps Services

Well Pumps

Well pumps are used for private water supplies, pressure boosting, irrigation, rain water collection and fire-fighting. Our experienced engineers can assist with the supply, installation, repair and ongoing maintenance of all leading brands of well pump.
Well Pumps Services

Sewage Treatment Plants

Mawdsleys Pumps has many years experience upgrading, replacing, and installing many different brands of Treatment plants, from Industrial sites, Domestic, large leisure and retail parks. Once installed we offer advice on maintenance and issue a service agreements.
Sewage Treatment Plants Services

Dirty Water Pumps

We have been supplying dirty water pumps and systems since 1986, with over 600 systems installed. Whether it is for a repair to a Dirty Water Pump, maintenance or a new installation, our expert team can help.
Dirty Water Pumps Services

Clean Water Pumps

Mawdsleys Pump Services has a wealth of experience working with farmers and other businesses across the South West, Wiltshire and South Wales, offering clean water pumping systems for various applications.
Clean Water Pumps Services

Rainwater Harvesting

By collecting untreated rainwater for use, a typical household can save almost 50% of their mains water. In commercial and agricultural environments, this saving can rise to an impressive 90% resulting in large savings.
Rainwater Harvesting Services

Stormwater / Flood Pumps

Mawdsleys Pumps stocks a range of Flood Pumps and Puddle Pumps including the RSD-400 Residue Drainage Pump –ideal for any clearing water but can be used with automatic operation.
Stormwater / Flood Pumps Services

Pump Controls

Mawdsleys Pump Services specialise in variable speed drives ,pressure switches, expansion vessels, level control equipment, valves and control panels to meet your unique requirements.
Pump Controls Services

Basement Pumps

Mawdsleys Pump Services can supply and install all types of submersible pumps. We offer a complete solution, including 24 hour break down attendance and repair and maintenance contracts.
Basement Pumps Services

Swimming Pool Pumps

Swimming pool pumps are an essential part of any swimming pool system, having a pumping system in place ensures your water stays clear and free from any bacteria.
Swimming Pool Pumps Services

Water Feature Pumps

Mawdsleys supplies, stocks, installs, services and repairs a wide variety of water feature pumps, ranging from basic pond pumps to commercial water feature pumps.
Water Feature Pumps Services
Penstock Valve

Penstock Valves

Penstock valves or sluice gates are essential for controlling or isolating effluent or sewerage.  We provide a complete service for the design, supply, installation and ongoing repair and maintenance of penstock valves.
Penstock Valve Services


This morning your engineer Zach was on site to repair the pump. I am looking after approx. 85 engineers and I must admit he is one of the most polite & talented engineers I met during my career as an facility manager. He was not late, listened to what I have to say, left his workplace place clean, advised correctly and most importantly, he knows what he is doing.


FMC Facilities Manager
We have been using Mawdsleys for at least six years and I’ve personally been involved with them since Nov 2014. As pump specialists they have been very responsive and flexible with arranging repairs at short notice for our subway tunnels and pumping stations. Their engineers have always been very helpful when meeting on site and we have a very good rapport with their area sales manager.

Troy Perkins

South Gloucestershire Council have utilised Mawdsleys’s industry expertise for 5 years and hope to continue in the future. We have benefited from their professional advice and consultation on several large schemes and Mawdsleys currently service and maintain all of our highway structure pump assets. Mawdsleys provide us with fast response times on emergency call outs and give the SGC Structure Team peace of mind and confidence our assets remain operational.

Ben Newman

South Gloucestershire Council