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Buy Pumps and Spares – Large stock available

Here at Mawdsleys Pump Services, we stock a massive range of pumps and pumping systems for commercial, agricultural, industrial and domestic use. Our highly experienced team in our Bristol office can advise you on the best pump to suit your requirements. pumps we have in stock range from well-known brands such as Grundfos, DAB, Lowara, ABS, Calpeda, Pedrollo, Flygt, JS and more.

Correct Pump Selection is Important

We specialise in the supply, installation, repair and replacement of sewage, clean water, irrigation, booster pumps and full pumping stations.

Choosing the right pump for the job is essential to ensure the system is reliable, and when faced with decisions such as open vortex, macerator or grinder pumps, it can be difficult to make the right choice.

Our engineers work throughout the South-west and South Wales servicing, repairing, maintaining and replacing a wide variety of packaged pump stations (domestic and commercial) and sewage treatment plants.  Our experience and knowledge will help you specify and select the right pump and controls for your exact application.

Lowara_pump_range 1Clean Water Pumps

Clean water pumps are used for a wide range of applications. Some common applications are: Commercial pumps for food grade operations, washdown, multistage units for high pressures, water treatment and heating/ventilation. This also includes bespoke booster pump packages (see Booster sets).

They are also used domestically for boreholes, wells, emergency drainage, pressure boosting and irrigation.

We can supply, service and repair a wide range of pumps to suit most applications. To enable us to size your required pump correctly please contact us so we can establish the right pump for you.

Dirty-Water-Pumps-125418352900Dirty Water/Sewage Pumps

Dirty water pumps are used for a variety of applications including water, grey water and sewage disposal. This can be in domestic, agricultural and industrial situations, and pumps are selected according to requirements.

The type of pump you require will vary depending on the flow, pressure and distance you wish to pump. Applications Range from private properties pumping their effluent to the main sewers, commercial yard drainage and effluent plants, farm dirty water and yard run off.

We use our expert team to assess the requirements for individual cases and come up with the most suitable option. We can supply complete kits as well as install, commission, repair and service. We also have the capability of designing bespoke tanks and systems if required. As applications vary please contact us by phone or by email to enable us to assist you in finding the right pump for the job.

Pipes-and-Fittings-for-Pumps-139476000600Pipes, Fittings and Spares

At Mawdsleys Pump Services, our trade counter stocks a wide range of pipes and fittings.

We keep brass and galvanised fittings from 1/4″ up to 3″ as well as seals and mounts, valves, nuts and bolts, welding equipment and pressure switches/gauges.


Floating Pontoon for Submersible Pumps

When building a support for a submersible pump is difficult in a particular location, or would lead to problems

Constructed in galvanised steel mesh (stainless steel available as an option) with plastic flotation chambers, the pontoon can be sized to suit all types of submersible pump and is designed to accommodate pipework and control equipment as necessary.d in galvanised steel mesh (stainless steel available as an option) with plastic flotation chambers, the pontoon can be sized to suit all types of submersible pump and is designed to accommodate pipework and control equipment as necessary.

We can supply and install an individually designed pontoon to suit any application, either on its own or together with submersible pump, control panel, pipework, valves and quick release couplings for a complete installation.

Water Feature Pumps

Mawdsleys stocks a wide variety of water feature pumps,  ranging from basic pond pumps to commercial water feature pumps and pumps that help aerate the water and prevent your pond or water feature from becoming stagnant.

Talk To The Experts

Whatever your pumping requirements we can advise you and supply the pumps you need with a very fast turnaround. We can install the pump too if you need us to.

Call us now on Bristol: 0117 954 8030.