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Borehole Pump Failure Or Breakdown Services

Do you have a problem with your Borehole Pump? For Bristol and the surrounding area’s call 0117 954 8030 for our 24 hours 7 day, a week emergency call out service.

Here at Mawdsleys Pump Services our expert team have the knowledge and experience to assist with any borehole pump repairs for various types of borehole pump. Over many years our team have found that borehole pumps can fail or perform poorly for a number of reasons this can include:

  • Faulty installation
  • Old age
  • Poor borehole design
  • Failure of cable, pipe or non-return valve
  • Pressure Switch Failure
  • Pressure Vessel Failure

No matter what issue you may be having, our team have the knowledge and ability to find the correct solution to get your borehole up and running again as soon as possible.

Call us on 0117 954 8030 for an immediate response

Borehole Repair Process

In the event that you require emergency borehole repair services, our team can attend 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our Engineer with attend site and identify what the issue is and provide a fixed price quotation, and are often able to resolve the issue the same day. This could be anything from replacing a pressure switch, replacing a pressure vessel or installing a brand new borehole pump.

Another requirement could be updating existing headworks, we have found that in a number of cases existing borehole headworks do not comply with current risk assessments which have been carried out by local councils. As a result, many do not comply with regulations which protects the borehole from vermin infestation or groundwater flooding. If this applies to your circumstances our recommendations will be detailed in our report and the team can conduct the necessary repairs.

No matter what is required we have the abilities to fix or replace pumps from a number of manufacturers including:

Borehole Safety Requirements

There are a number of factors that should be taken into account to ensure the correct installation and protection of a borehole or well. If a borehole pump is installed and looked after correctly then the likelihood for the need of repairs or replacement will be reduced.
As already mentioned boreholes should be protected from ingress of surface flows, which includes flooding. This can be achieved by creating a ditch surround the borehole which is lined with an impermeable sheet, plus the addition of a discharge downslope to enable surface water to flow away from the well.

In addition, all boreholes require a chamber which has been correctly constructed and has the ability to be maintained to a high standard, including an inspection cover which should be made from a suitable non-degradable material which is sealed from the possibility of rainwater of vermin entering the well.

If constructed properly the borehole will sit 150mm above ground level and will include a slope at the top which will take any surface water away from the cover. As well the chamber itself, any cable or wiring should be correctly sealed tight from water, and any ventilation should be protected against to avoid entry by vermin.

Local Council Involvement

A private water supply is a supply of water which does not come from a public water supply (from a water company unless it is subsequently supplied by someone else). Private supplies may come from a variety of sources, including wells, springs, boreholes and streams.

Regulations on private water supplies in England and Wales were introduced in 1991 and were replaced by new Regulations introduced early in 2010. The new Regulations apply to all who own or use a private water supply. The new Regulations have been introduced to ensure that water from private supplies is wholesome, so that people who drink water or consume food or drinks made from private supplies may do so without risk to their health.

This extract is taken from the Drinking Water Inspectorate and Local Council Guidance notes. These notes explain that Local authorities have the responsibility to check and conduct risk assessments on any private water supplies. All results from these checks will be supplied to the relevant owners of domestic and commercial properties.

However, this does not apply if your house is the only one supplied by a water source. Under these circumstances, you will need to request the council conduct an assessment which will be charged for.

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If you need a fast, emergency call out for a borehole pump failure, call us now on Bristol: 0117 954 8030 for our 24-hour emergency call out service.

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We Offer a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year emergency pump breakdown service. If you need urgent help get in touch with our team on 0117 954 8030.

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