Water Filtration

Water Filtration Services

Mawdsleys Pump Services can supply and install all types of UV Filtration and Media to ensure your water supply meets the 2009 Private Water Supplies Regulations.  We offer a complete solution, which includes sampling of water, analysis of water and offering the correct filtration required.  This can either be on a supply only basis or for one of our qualified engineers to install.  Once installed we can arrange a service contract to attend site annually to replace UV Lamps, Filters and top up your media.

Annual UV Filtration Servicing

Mawdsleys Pump Services can offer a Six Monthly or annual service of your Filtration System.

On our service, we will always replace the UV Light. An ultraviolet lamp will remain effective for between six to twelve months depending upon the water quality. Even though the light will continue to operate long after this period, the intensity of UV light will not be sufficient to eradicate bacteria.  The filter will be replaced and the quartz sleeve inspected and cleaned.

All media will be checked and topped up where necessary to ensure your filtration is working to the optimum level.

Supply and Installation of Filtration Systems

As more homes and businesses are looking for ways to reduce water costs many are utilising water supplies that are free and readily available, from boreholes, private wells, reservoirs and lakes.

The methods used to collect the water and the condition of the water collected can cause private water supplies to be vulnerable to harmful bacteria that are not obvious to the eye or taste.

We will analyse your water and offer advice on the correct Filtration system to ensure your water meets government standards.

We will then provide a quotation to price for the UV filtration needed with any media requirements and additional filtration systems necessary and the cost of installation.

Our qualified engineer will then install the system and provide guidance on maintenance and how best to  maintain.

Upgrading your filtration system

We offer a free site survey where our technical sales manager will attend site to review your current system and to read through your most recent water analysis.

Once a survey is completed, a review and quotation will be sent for your consideration.

Often water quality changes over time and systems can need to be upgraded or retrofitted to deal with the change in water quality.

If your water has changed colour, has an unpleasant odour, causing unsightly staining, is corroding pipework then we will be able to offer a solution.

Contact Our Expert Team

If you require any of our water filtration services, call us today on, call us now on Bristol: 0117 9552481operating 7 days a week, we can also offer a free site survey.