Mawdsleys pump services have worked within the Agricultural Sector for many years and have been offering advice and solutions to farmers throughout the UK.

Pumps are absolutely crucial on farms; they are used for disposing of wastewater, watering crops or tending to livestock. Failure of these pumps can result in downtime, missed quotas and lost business; with the remote location of farms often delaying repair work.

We have a number of dedicated products and systems that we manufacture and install to benefit the needs of modern farms.

Our Dedicated Services for the Agricultural Sector

At Mawdsleys, we have vast experience within the agricultural section, offering practical and cost effective solutions to your pumping requirements. We are also able to offer advice on current Government Grants that are available that might be of interest.

Pumping systems that we can provide supply, installation, ongoing maintenance and repair on include:

Mawdsleys Pump Services dirty water pumpAgricultural Water Pumps:

Clean Water Pumps – A continuous supply of clean water is essential to the day to day running of any farm. We have a range of clean water pumping systems available to ensure that your farm has the clean water it needs.

Dirty Water Pumps – Equally as important as the availability of clean water is the capacity to transport dirty water away. Our standard dirty water pump system is based on a submersible macerator pump, making it a very effective solution for dealing with the types of waste commonly found in dirty farm water.

At Mawdsleys, we provide a full service for both clean and dirty water pumps based on your requirements. We’ll find the best solution for you based on your needs and budget.

rainwater harvesting in the home

Rainwater Harvesting

In agricultural environments, untreated rainwater is a suitable alternative to mains water for applications such as watering plants, washing down and tending to livestock.

A recent study by ADAS found that an average beef cow consumes up to 40 litres of water a day, with a rainwater harvesting system being a sensible investment for this application on farms.




long reach irrigation system installation maintenance and repair

At Mawdsleys, we specialise in the supply, installation and ongoing maintenance of irrigation systems including drip irrigation, pop up systems, spray equipment, irrigation controllers and portable irrigation systems.  An effective irrigation is key in agricultural environments, being used for a number of applications including:

  • Crop irrigation.
  • Dust suppression.
  • Mist and chemical spray used for odour masking.
  • Livestock cooling – this also reduces their water consumption.


Borehole PumpBorehole

After the initial investment, installation of a borehole can save farms hundreds on their water bills; supplying water in abundance for applications such as water for livestock and irrigating land.

Our borehole services include everything from identifying the optimal location of the borehole, drilling the borehole, installing the pump, installing filtration systems as required and providing maintenance and repairs.



UV & Filtration

Water filtration is essential when utilising harvested rain water or water from a private supply to ensure it meets the 2009 Private Water Supplies Regulations.

At Mawdsleys, we can offer a six monthly or annual service of your filtration system including UV light change, quartz sleeve inspection and cleaning to ensure that treated water is safe for consumption.



Booster Sets

Because farms are often based in remote rural location, it is not uncommon for them to utilise booster pumps.

Whether these pumps are used to boost the pressure of water from mains supplies or a private water supply, it is essential that they are fully operational and working at all times.



Emergency Pump Repair Service for Farms

At Mawdsleys Pumps, we offer a 24/7 365 emergency pump repair service. Regardless of your remote location, our engineers are well equipped and placed to provide prompt response in the most rural of areas. 

Talk To Our Expert Team

For advice and guidance on how we can assist you in managing and maintaining your agricultural pumping equipment give us a call to arrange a site visit on Bristol: 0117 954 8030.