Packaged Pump Station At Downend Folk House Association

Folk House in Bristol For many years Mawdsleys has been looking after and servicing the sewage pumps at Downend Folk house, Downend, Bristol. Downend Folk house Association is a local Bristol Charity, providing services to the local community. The Folk house had an internal packaged pump station, housed within the plant room on the ground floor.

Being a property with multiple functions and rooms for hire, the folk house often had blockages and pump breakdowns resulting in bad odours throughout the building and replacement pumps being required over the years.

Being the trusted service provider for many years, Mawdsleys was asked to quote to de-commission the internal packaged pump station and re-route all internal drainage to an externally housed, below ground packaged pump station to be located in the car park.

Understanding our customer’s needs entirely, Mawdsleys was successful in winning the project and being instructed to undertake these extensive works. The works finally started early in June 2017 with a critical time line so as not to disrupt the services offered and allow the Folk house to remain open during the entire works.Pump Station Case Study

The internal drainage from the Gents toilets, disabled toilets, ladies toilets, kitchen, utility room and the crèche was diverted from the internal waste water chamber and re-located to the new 4 metre deep packaged pump station being excavated in the car park.

Once the 4 Metre deep chamber had been connected, all waste services were put into the chamber and the internal system was closed off and decommissioned immediately.

Packaged Pump Station

Mawdsleys then installed all the electrics, the pumps, control panel and high-level warning system into the new external chamber, commissioned the pumps and gave the scheme the green light to flick the switch and start pumping.

Pump Station Excavation

This new external pumping system has taken away the issues that arose with odours within the building and has also provided the Folk House with a new state of the art packaged pump station and 24/7 storage capabilities.

Another complex project completed on budget and within the agreed timescales by all at Mawdsleys BER Ltd.

Packaged pump station installed by mawdsleys