Booster Set Installation at NHS Facility

New Booster Pump Sets for NHS Facility Bristol

Mawdsleys Pump Services were recently commissioned to carry out an energy check at an NHS location in Bristol, this was done to highlight the performance of their current water booster sets and note possible improvements.

With NHS budgets already stretched, it was imperative that any savings that could be made were highlighted along with an estimated payback time so that the facility could work the investment in with their current budgets and forecasts.

Following the check, Mawdsleys were asked to quote and then contracted to carry out the installation and ongoing maintenance of 5 new variable speed booster sets.


Mawdsleys were commissioned to carry out an energy check on 8 booster pumps that were in place at the NHS facility. This check was carried out in accordance with the ISO 14414 Pump System Energy Assessment Standard and took the following into account

  • Pump head & flow
  • Motor power data
  • Operating hours per year
  • Years of installation
  • Pump use
  • Operating needs

Following the check, it became apparent that the NHS trust could benefit immensely from the installation of new booster sets, with the total savings estimated at £11,388 per year.

On this basis, the payback time would be 7 years. Following this, the savings after 10 years would be £41,219.17 and £119,760.00 after 15 years.

Showing different parts of a pump


After reviewing the data and considering the significant environmental and operational cost benefits that could be made, the NHS location in Bristol invited Mawdsleys to quote for the installation of new booster sets throughout their facility

Following the acceptance of our quotation, our pump team visited the site to install 5 new Grundfos booster sets. 

We opted for the Hydro MPC range which is recommended for these kinds of facilities and renowned for its reliability, efficiency and durability. 

Additionally, these booster sets feature an easy to read interface, meaning that the facilities manager at the location could easily identify when there was an issue with the system and quickly contact our pump team.

In addition to the operational savings, the newer, more efficient pumps also offered a significant environmental benefit to the facility; with the predicted savings being a massive 113,880,00 kWh/yr!

Image of a control panel for a pump


Combined with regular servicing from the Mawdsleys team, the pumps will see huge savings made for the location and will serve them well for many years to come.

They also have complete peace of mind that in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, they can utilise our 24-hour emergency breakdown service.

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