Collage of images showing a booster set being installed

Booster Pump Installation at Residential Apartment Block

Mawdsleys Pump Services were recently called out to carry out an emergency booster set install at a residential block of apartments.

Throughout the install, modifications were made to the existing set up to remove potential problems and allow the tank flow to be balanced.

The customer was extremely happy with the outcome of the job and residents will enjoy a good level of water pressure regardless of demand and their location within the building.

Find out more about the work undertaken and the challenges that we overcame below.


The existing installation at this block of apartments had several issues which needed to be considered by our team of engineers.

The first problem with the existing installation was accessibility, as shown in the image below, the covers and indicators were blocked off by the pipe, additionally, the confined space makes for poor serviceability and meant the booster set had to be climbed over to reach the vessel.

The second problem was that the existing installation was unbalanced, this can result in inefficiencies throughout the system.


Following a site visit from our expert team, we recommended the installation of a new booster set with modifications to improve access and allow the system to be balanced.

Upon successful quotation, our team moved quickly to order parts and rearranged work schedules to get this emergency job booked in and completed within just 1 week. Insulation was carried out by a specialist contractor following installation.

example of a control panel for a booster pump


The new installation was completed quickly by our team, the booster set is now accessible for future servicing and the customer will benefit from the efficiency of the new set which is also balanced.

The customer was delighted with the speed and efficiency of which the installation was carried out and will reap the benefits of the new system for many years to come. The customer took up a regular service contract with Mawdsleys to maintain efficiency and reduce the chance of unexpected breakdown.

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