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Cost Savings At Swindon Apartment Block

We were called to site to look at a Booster Set that wasn’t working at an Apartment Block in Swindon.  

Maintained correctly, a Variable Speed Drive is designed to control and protect pumping systems based on changing the motor frequency and pump speed. They are connected to the pump and will control the operation of the pump to maintain a constant desired pump performance (e.g. pressure, flow, temperature, etc) Utilising a Variable Speed Drive can result in a 20% reduction in speed providing in return up to 50% reduction in energy used.


After attending site we discovered that the Booster Set wasn’t at fault but a Variable Speed Drive and a Non Return Valve was faulty.  

This meant the Booster Set Pump was working 24 hours,   days a week and instead of saving money the pump was actually working overtime resulting in increased energy costs.

Modern Booster Set with VSD


Because the site had a twin variable booster set we needed two variable speed drives as they both needed to be able to communicate with each other and as the units were so old a new variable speed drive would not be compatible with the old unit.

We were able to install the new Variable Speed Drives and Non Return Valve whilst giving the whole system a service within a day to ensure the site is back working efficiently and with improved cost savings.


With the variable speed drive fixed, the apartment block was able to benefit from its benefits including energy and cost savings, increased pump life, greater reliability (i.e. water is always the same temp. or if demand is high for water the same water pressure is achieved) and Improved pump and system efficiency.

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