engineer checking a water hygiene system

Water Hygiene Case Study

We were contacted by a Facilities Management Company that had recently taken over a new site. They had real concerns regarding the lack of maintenance and house keeping that the previous Management Company had undertaken.

We were able to offer them a free site survey of all the equipment within the pump room including the cold water storage tank.


Once we were on site we discovered all of the valves had seized and needed to be replaced.  

After a visual check of the Cold Water Storage Tanks, it was obvious that they had not been cleaned for many years. 

There was a real risk to the quality of the water passing through the tanks and urgently required attention.

At Mawdsleys, we recommend that system chlorination and cleaning is completed after any remedial work on  water systems included within the scope of BS6700 and or every 12 months.

Our recommendation was for the two clean water tanks to be fully Chlorinated, Disinfected and Cleaned.

clean water tank needing to be Chlorinated, Disinfected and Cleaned.


Our engineers carried out the following remedial work:

  • Isolation of the cold water tank and pump sets
  • Chlorinate tank, leave for a designated period, drain tank, clean thoroughly and re-fill.
  • Issue of disinfection certificate for the building log book
  • Stamp individual tanks with test, chlorination and clean date.
  • Test of Water Quality for Legionella and Bacterial Count

While the water tanks were empty we replaced all of the seized valves and Serviced the Dual Booster Sets on site.


Having Completed all of the works on time and on budget the Facility Management Company have complete piece of mind.

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