Mawdsleys Booster Install

Improving Water Pressure on a Floating Nightclub

Mawdsleys was contacted by a local nightclub that had issues with water pressure and supply during peak times. 

On busy nights, the water at the top of the boat becomes non-existent and eventually, this leads to the whole nightclub being without water.

Having no access to water during busy times was not acceptable and would potentially result in the venue having to close early.


During the initial on-site inspection, an immediate challenge encountered by our engineers was finding a suitable location to install a booster set and tank as almost every inch of the boat was currently in use.

With no space on site, our engineers determined the best course of action would be to mount a cold water tank with booster pumps on either the deck area or on the harbourside itself.

After further investigation, an ideal external location was found which was close to the incoming main on the boat and within adequate proximity of an electrical source.

Water storage tank with booster set on boat


Following this, our engineers installed a Pedrollo Flow V Twin Booster Set. This is an above ground, single piece, self-contained pump station which features a 2000L tank compartment.

The tank is fully WRAS Approved with a dry compartment that houses the booster set and electrics. The dimensions of the unit are 3192mm x 1192mm x 1123mm high and therefore, the location chosen provided adequate space.

The tank was mounted over the railings to avoid any damage from vehicles and ensure it didn’t stop access to and from the boat.

The invertor controlled pumps mean at low demand the energy consumption is kept to a minimum and at peak demand, the pressure is constant making sure the boat doesn’t run dry.


We managed the unit being delivered to site with a craned delivery so it could be perfectly located near the boat, water and electrics.

Our engineers installed the pump to the manufacturer specifications and briefed the business on how the pump operated.

The unit has been a success with on demand water at peak and times, the client is extremely satisfied with the solution.

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