Counterfeit Materiels Policy Statement

Mawdsleys BER Ltd is a Bristol-based firm specialising in the design, manufacture, repair refurbishment and supply of rotating electrical equipment, including AC and DC motors, generators and pumps, particularly to the Defence and Commercial sectors. Motor rewinds and repairs are carried out in our extensive workshops in Bristol by our professional, fully qualified and highly skilled team. We also carry out shaft repair and maintenance on customer’s sites. Our long history is built on a sound understanding of the industry, a commitment to adapt and expand, and constant reinvestment. We pride ourselves on our outstanding service, our technical knowledge, and our ability to repair any sort of rotating electrical equipment. At Mawdsleys, we are committed to:
  • Assessing the risk of counterfeit materiel entering the production stream and the application of appropriate prevention and detection controls
  • Complying with all applicable compliance, contractual and customer requirements (including Defence Standard 05-135 where appropriate)
  • Managing and working with our supply chain partners to ensure that appropriate policies and controls are in place at all levels to reduce the likelihood of counterfeit materiels entering the supply chain
  • Monitoring any incidences of counterfeit materiels within the supply chain
  • Only purchasing shafts, bores and bearings from approved suppliers who can demonstrate and document sufficient traceability to the Original Component Manufacturer
  • Maintaining traceability of items through Certificates of Conformance and identification / batch numbers
  • Implementing a robust goods in and inspection process to identify likely counterfeit materiels which are immediately quarantined and investigated through the Non-Conformance Process
  • Reporting any actual or suspected occurrence of counterfeit material to the customer and any other relevant interested parties
  • Using authorised scrap metal merchants to dispose of any counterfeit items to prevent them re-entering the supply chain and requesting certificates of destruction where required
The Management Team are responsible for the implementation of this policy and the Business Development role is the Management Representative. However we expect all our employees to join our commitment to the prevention as well as identification and detection of counterfeit materiels and to raise any concerns they may have about materials or components. This policy is communicated to all company employees and is available to other interested parties upon request. This policy and the associated quality management system is reviewed annually to ensure that it remains appropriate to our strategic direction and is suitable, adequate and effective. Pete Woodward Managing Director