Environmental Policy Statement

Mawdsleys BER Ltd is a Bristol-based firm specialising in the design, manufacture, repair, refurbishment and supply of rotating electrical equipment, including AC and DC motors, generators and pumps, particularly to the Defence and Commercial sectors. Motor rewinds and repairs are carried out in our extensive workshops in Bristol by our professional, fully qualified and highly skilled team. We also carry out shaft repair and maintenance on customer’s sites. Our long history is built on a sound understanding of the industry, a commitment to adapt and expand, and constant reinvestment. We pride ourselves on our outstanding service, our technical knowledge, and our ability to repair any sort of rotating electrical equipment. At Mawdsleys, we are committed to:
  • Protecting our environment and preventing pollution from our activities
  • Identifying our environmental aspects, monitoring and reducing our impacts on the environment
  • Improving our environmental performance
  • Working with our supply chain and customers to reduce our environmental impact across the life cycle of our motors
  • Complying with all applicable compliance, contractual and customer requirements
  • Continually improving our environmental management system and striving to meet the requirements of ISO 14001:2015
Ultimate responsibility for our environmental performance and the environmental management system rests with the Management Team, however we expect all our employees to join our commitment to protecting our environment and to comply with relevant procedures and working instructions. This policy is communicated to all company employees and is available to other interested parties via our website. This policy and the associated environmental management system is reviewed annually to ensure that it remains appropriate to our strategic direction and is suitable, adequate and effective. Pete Woodward Managing Director