Swimming pool

Swimming Pool Pumps Repaired

This week we have had two Swimming Pool Pumps brought in, both with two common issues.


The first swimming pool pump that we saw was leaking water through the mechanical seal. This is a common problem with swimming pool pumps as the Chlorine in the water perishes the mechanical seal over time. It is important to have this repair done as soon as possible or further expensive damage will be done.

Obvious signs to look for to discover if the mechanical seal needs to be changed are, to keep an eye on the water level in the pool as this escapes through the pump. Also look for tell tale signs of water leakage or white discolored water coming out of the pump casing.




We were able to identify the mechanical seal, replace and spray the pump so that it looked like a brand new, unit ready for the summer season.

The Second swimming pool pump had a very different issue. The client had gone away for a holiday and left the pump running to ensure it kept circulating the water. However, during his holiday the pump must have ingested some material and blocked causing the pump to fault and blow the capacitor.

Our experienced engineer was able to identify the issue with the swimming pool pump. We had a capacitor in stock and were able to fit and test the unit.


Both customers were more than happy with the service they received and both had their pumps back for the great summer weather expected over the next 10 days.

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