Mawdsleys Becomes ISO 14001:2015 Certified

We are pleased to announce that as part of our commitment to operating more efficiently and reducing our impact on the environment, we have achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification.

With many businesses and consumers considering their carbon footprint, this certification reflects our ethos of building a more sustainable business for our employees and customers.

Find out more about ISO 14001, the changes we made to reduce our environmental impact and the benefits to our customers and suppliers.

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that organisations can use to enhance their environmental performance.

This certification is relevant to businesses of any size across all industries when looking to reduce their environmental impact.

The certification can help businesses become more efficient, reduce costs and give them a competitive advantage over other businesses in their industry.

In addition to ISO 14001, we are ISO 9001 certified which demonstrates our ability to consistently provide services that fulfil the expectations of customers and meet regulatory requirements.

The Certification Process

To achieve the certification, we were assessed by CfA who evaluated the business in 2 stages, this included our premises and activities taking place on site regarding pump maintenance and service.

Over a 6 month period, we made several enhancements and new additions to the business to ensure we met the requirements of the standard, these included:

  • Building an environmental issues section into our Business Management Systems.
  • Managing our waste streams to ensure that all waste transfer contractors are licenced and that waste transfer notes are received correctly completed for each load.
  • Keeping all fluids on site bunded to prevent accidental leakage to the surrounding environment & water courses.
  • Regularly assessing and safely storing all COSHH materials.
  • Carrying out legionella & asbestos risks assessment for the premises including regular management.
  • Responsibly sourcing all raw materials used by the business.
  • Managing ways of making the building more energy efficient.
  • Analysing energy usage and fuel on an annual basis, making reductions in line with the business plan objective.
  • Installing a large bunded container for use when jet washing dirty motor frames. This wastewater is then pumped into IBC tanks for responsible disposal.

Following these enhancements to our business practices, we were officially assessed over a 2 day period by an external auditor

What Our Certification Means for Customers  

As consumers across the world are becoming more conscious of the environmental impacts of the products they purchase and the services they use, we have had customers ask what we are doing with regard to the environment.

Our certification solidifies our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and gives customers and suppliers the peace of mind that their supply chain is acting responsibly whilst helping them comply with their own commitments.

As well as making our business more efficient and reducing our impact on the environment, the ISO 14001 certification is already a common pre-requisite in defence contracts and tenders, meaning we are fully prepared to continue fulfilling our services to these customers in the future.

“Our recent certification shows our commitment to our customers, suppliers and the environment, helping us to reduce waste, eliminate efficiencies across the business and ensuring we can meet the expectations of customers.”

 Peter Woodward, Managing Director – Mawdsleys

M&E Services

At Mawdsleys, we maintain several professional accreditations and certifications including ISO 14001 to reassure our customers and remain at the forefront of the sector.

 If you are looking for a fully accredited partner to provide a complete range of services for the manufacture and repair of rotating electrical and pumping equipment, contact us today.

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