Pump engineer fixing pump

Centrifugal Switch Replacement Somerset

During a routine maintenance visit at a sewage pumping station in Somerton, our engineers identified that one of the sewage pumps was pulling high amps. The pump was isolated and removed from site for further investigation back at our M&E Workshop.


Once the pump was stripped down at the workshop, our engineer discovered the Centrifugal Switch was damaged and had cracked in half.  The Centrifugal Switch should operate and free the contacts on the switch. With the switch having failed, it was causing a high reading of 27 amps.

Centrifugal Switch pump repair


After replacement of the centrifugal switch the pump was returned from our workshop and re-installed on-site. This ensured the correct and efficient operation of the pumping station. The client was satisfied with the result of the callout and the pump should now operate efficiently with regular maintenance. 

A frame and winch system used to lower in a pump

Specialist Pump Maintenance Service

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