Wastewater pump installation

Wastewater Pump Installation at Supermarket Distribution Centre

Mawdsleys Pump Services recently carried out the installation of a new wastewater pump at a supermarket distribution centre.

With the existing installation in poor condition, the team moved quickly to provide a more hygienic and efficient unit which would serve the distribution centre for years to come.

With demand for their services higher than ever, the customer was delighted at the speed of the installation, allowing them to keep their centre operational at such a critical time.

Find out more about the new installation and the challenges that we overcame below.


The existing installation was in very poor condition, with wastewater leaking out into the room the pump was situated in, it was clear that very little maintenance was being carried out.

Due to the increased demands from supermarkets as a result of the pandemic, the client needed a solution that could be turned around with zero disruption to their busy operation.


Following an initial site visit from our expert team, we recommended the installation of a new DAB wastewater pump, an automatic lifting station suitable for lifting clearwater, rainwater and wastewater from toilets, sinks and washing machines in lower levels of buildings where gravity cannot be relied on.

The system is compact and easy to install, offering far greater efficiency than they had before. The new unit could also replace their existing unit with minimal modification to the pipework required.

Upon accepted quotation, our pumps team scheduled in the job which was completed within agreed timeframes. As part of the installation, we removed and disposed of the existing pump unit.

Engineer installing a new wastewater pump


The customer was extremely happy with the new installation and will benefit from improved efficiency, the customer took up a regular service contract with Mawdsleys to maintain efficiency and reduce the chance of unexpected breakdown.

The new wastewater pump features a control panel which supports the protection and basic operation of the unit and can alert on-site staff of any problems with the unit.

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