Water filtration media being replaced

Water Filtration Media Replacement

We were contacted by an existing customer in Devon who was concerned about the colour and quality of domestic water supply being supplied by their borehole supplied pump system.

Mawdsleys Pump Services had originally installed a pressurisation and water treatment system in 2011. This comprised a twin variable speed booster set drawing from a storage tank (fed by an existing borehole pump) together with water treatment vessels for pH correction and iron/manganese removal. An ultraviolet sterilisation unit was also installed.


Although regular services had been carried out, power outages and the eventual failure of the original borehole pump had resulted in the filtration media becoming contaminated and blocked with debris. This, in turn, had led to ineffective backwashing and poor filtration and treatment.

Although a new borehole pump had been installed, a test of a water sample (taken in a bathroom) indicated the presence of some iron and manganese with associated discolouration.

Water filtration powder


We completely emptied and refilled the water treatment vessels with new media to return the system to an “as new” condition. This involved temporary bypass of the filtration system, removal of the vessels which were emptied and flushed out with clean water. Filters and screens were thoroughly cleaned prior to refilling with the appropriate media (in this case sand, Juraperle, Corosex and Crystalright).

Once the vessels were re-filled according to the requirements, they were installed back into the pipework and the opportunity taken to reprogram the control valves and settings. The sediment filter was also replaced to ensure that water flowing through the ultraviolet unit was particle free.

Water filtration equipment being fixed

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It is important to regularly check the performance and operation of water filtration equipment. In particular, media type filters can degrade or become contaminated and blocked over time. This can eventually lead to substantial loss of effectiveness and resultant problems with water quality.

Mawdsleys Pump Services offer a complete filtration service, from routine maintenance to complete system refurbishments if required. Call us today 0117 954 8030.