Mawdsleys Engineers Complete National Water Hygiene Scheme

We are pleased to announce that several of the team at Mawdsleys Pump Services have successfully completed National Water Hygiene Scheme training, otherwise known as the Blue Card Scheme.

The scheme, which is designed to protect public health and promote safe drinking water practices, gives professionals working with water the skills and knowledge they need to ensure that the water supply remains uncontaminated.

Throughout the course, the team learnt about the fundamentals of water hygiene including potential waterborne disease and how to prevent contamination of a clean water supply.

About the National Water Hygiene Scheme

The National Water Hygiene Scheme was originally developed in 2006 to replace a number of different company-specific water hygiene programmes. This often meant that professionals had to undergo separate learning and health screening and carry cards for each provider.

Many clean water sites across the UK mandate National Water Hygiene training for individuals that are entering or engaged in any operations across the water network. This also includes operational areas such as water pumping stations, water treatment plants and boreholes.

This scheme was developed by the Energy & Utility Skills Registered (EUSR).

What Was Covered Throughout the Course?

Throughout the course, several subjects were covered by an expert trainer – the modules included:

  • The importance of water – Helping attendees understand the role that water plays in a functioning society.
  • Water as a carrier of disease – Covering the role of water as a potential carrier of disease and examining the various diseases that can be contracted from contaminated water.
  • Potential contamination and its consequences – Assessing potential sources of water contamination across the water industry.
  • Preventing contamination – Finally, attendees learnt what steps they can take to prevent contamination in the water supply.

At the end of the session, attendees were required to complete a written test paper to demonstrate their new knowledge. All of the Mawdsleys team passed this examination.

As well as developing their understanding of water hygiene, all attendees were required to fill out a health screening questionnaire to declare whether they have had any illnesses which could contaminate a water supply.

Blue Card Accredited Engineers

Following the training, all of the attending members of staff from Mawdsleys, namely Steve Hunt, Bob Cooper, Zac Hogarth, Will Hindle, Mitch Stalley and Nathan King, were registered to receive the blue EUSR Water Hygiene Scheme card.

“As we regularly work with systems that handle potable water, is it essential that we can demonstrate knowledge in water hygiene best practice. The blue card gives our clients the peace of mind that the member of staff working on their site or equipment has the expertise required to prevent any kind of water contamination taking place”

Peter Woodward, Managing Director

Water Hygiene Services

To keep your commercial or private water supply in safe working order, we provide a range of water hygiene services including:

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