Pump Repairs for Train Depots

Pump Repairs for Train Depots

In the Rail Industry, it is imperative that vital components such as pumps are kept in good working order to ensure the line remains operational.

Downtime, delays and breakdowns are not well received by commuters on the UK rail network; leading to dissatisfaction and complaints.

Find out more about the installation, maintenance and repair services we provide for train depots Nationwide to keep their fleets running without disruption.

Train Depot Pumps We Service

At Mawdsleys Pumps, we offer a full end-to-end service for train depots; from design and installation to maintenance and emergency repair. Broadly speaking, there are 3 main types of pumps that need to be kept in working order to keep trains running without delay.

Train Wash Pumps

Trains must regularly be washed to ensure they are safe and operational, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Removing dirt before it builds up increases the longevity of the train’s components, makes maintenance an easier task and reduces the chances of an unexpected breakdown.

A few of the main features and benefits of our train wash pumps include:

  • Long-lasting operational life to keep up with the non-stop traffic.
  • Low energy consumption keeps running costs down.
  • Very dependable performance with low risk of unexpected breakdown.
  • Operational at varied PSIs, suitable for anything from a light wash to high-pressure
  • Choice of heads suitable for different fluids and cleaning products.

 Sewage Pumps

Thankfully, since health and safety regulations have evolved; wastewater from train toilets can no longer be deposited on the track. The waste is instead storage tanks to be safely discharged at stations where the carriage is also cleaned.

Ensuring the pumps are functional within train toilet carriages is essential for the satisfaction, convenience and well-being of both the commuters and the staff working on board. Unexpected breakdowns of these vital facilities will almost always lead to downtime of the affected locomotive.

At Mawdsleys Pumps, we are able to supply, maintain and repair a number of vital components within train wastewater systems including:

  • Float switches.
  • Control panels.
  • Sewage pumps.
  • Wastewater holding tanks.
  • Pumps and valves.
  • Freshwater

Oil Interceptor Pumps

Oil Interceptors, sometimes known as oil separators are used to separate oil and other contaminants from run-off and rainwater. The interceptors are able to discharge the harmless elements, whilst storing the contaminants for safe disposal; these tanks are often installed at petrol stations, car parks, airports and other areas where hazardous substances are present.

In train depots, oil interceptors will often be located at refuelling centres, collecting any spilt contaminants that are present when the train is being refuelled, cleaned and serviced.

If the pump within in an oil interceptor is not maintained, it can result in disaster. Not only will the interceptor be unable to disperse non-contaminants, but it could lead to a contaminant spillage on-site; affecting the local environment and inevitably leading to downtime whilst the cleanup operation begins.

Tailored Service Contracts For Train Depots

At Mawdsleys Pumps, we offer specialist tailored service contracts for train depots, to ensure your pumping systems are always performing at their best. Our tailored service contract includes:

  • 24/7 365 priority emergency breakdown attendance.
  • Periodic on-site
  • Periodic on-site maintenance visits including working tests, system adjustment and electrical safety checks.
  • Fixed price for the duration of the contact (excluding parts).
  • Priority access to our team of expert engineers.

Emergency Breakdown Service For Train Depot Pumps

If you are experiencing a breakdown or underperformance with any of your pumping equipment, we can help. We provide a 24/7 breakdown attendance service; Give one of our expert team a call on 0117 954 8030  to discuss your requirements and find a solution that works for you.

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