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Best Practice for Controlling Noise in Booster Pumping Systems

If you’re a facilities manager, public building owner or a tenant living within an apartment or block of flats; you will understand the vital role an efficient booster pumping system plays – providing water of sufficient pressure to every water point within the building.

However, one of the main reasons we are called out to attend booster pumping systems is due to noise coming from the system, attracting complaints from residents who may have been woken in the early hours of the morning by the pump.

In our latest blog post, we’ll cover off reasons why booster pumps make noise, how you can control it and essential regular maintenance checks you can carry out to ensure your pumping system runs efficiently without generating excessive noise.


Golf Course Pumping Systems – Tips for a Successful Winter

As winter starts to bite, golf courses across the UK will be making preparations for the challenges that the cold weather brings including frost, snow and stressed grass.

Clubs and groundsmen are generally well prepared for the challenges that winter brings, with many being able to continue serving golfers for the majority of the cold season.

However, pumping systems found on golf courses such as irrigation, boreholes, booster sets, multistage pumps and sewage pumps are often overlooked – with a lack of expertise available on site to complete vital maintenance and prevent potential failure when the cold hits.

In our latest blog post, we run through essential steps clubs and groundskeepers should be taking to ensure they can continue to operate throughout the winter months or reduce the risk of damage to pumps during winter closure.

Pumping system maintenance for schools

Back To School – Are Your Pumps Ready for the New Term?

Pumping system maintenance for schoolsWith summer coming to an end, the new term is looming for schools and other educational establishments across the country.

In these environments, proper maintenance of pumps and associated equipment is essential, but stretched budgets, no maintenance plans and lack of knowledge can often result in schools dealing with unexpected breakdowns.

In our latest blog post, we’ll run through the risks of failing to maintain pumping equipment in schools, the pumps most commonly found in schools, checks you can carry out and how Mawdsleys can help ensure your pumps stay up and running all year round.

Pump Repairs for Train Depots

Pump Repairs for Train Depots

In the Rail Industry, it is imperative that vital components such as pumps are kept in good working order to ensure the line remains operational.

Downtime, delays and breakdowns are not well received by commuters on the UK rail network; leading to dissatisfaction and complaints.

Find out more about the installation, maintenance and repair services we provide for train depots Nationwide to keep their fleets running without disruption.