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8 Common Problems with Sewage Pumps and How to Fix Them

Sewage pumps play a crucial role in managing wastewater in almost every premises, from private homes to large commercial establishments.

However, like any mechanical system, sewage pumps can encounter problems that prevent them from operating as expected and even cause them to break down completely.

When sewage pumps fail, it can be extremely disruptive to building users and can result in toilets backing up, lack of access to clean water and overflow.

To prevent this, our latest blog post reviews 8 common problems with sewage pumps and how you can fix them. The most common problems with sewage pumps include:

  • Pump won’t start
  • Pump won’t turn off
  • Toilets backed up
  • Leaking from pump
  • High level alarm sounding
  • Loud noises from pump
  • Burn out
  • Bad smells

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How Working from Home Could Be Impacting Your Pumps

Booster Pump Set

One of the biggest impacts on people’s daily routines because of COVID-19 is the increased amount of time they are spending at home, with many continuing to work remotely where they can to adhere to lockdown rules.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal that in April 2020, when the first lockdown was announced, 46.6% of Britain’s workforce did some work at home.

The shift to remote working has posed many challenges, with businesses and staff needing to adapt quickly to ensure staff can work efficiently from home whilst retaining a work/life balance.

A victim of remote working that has perhaps been overlooked is pumps. These systems that we rely on every day keep water pressure high and facilities such as toilets working properly, but with increased usage; these essential systems can run less efficiently and are at a higher risk of failure.

Find out more about the types of pumps that have been impacted by working from home and how building owners can ensure users always get a high level of performance from their pumps in our latest blog post.


The Dangers of Septic Tanks and Cesspits

If your home or business is out in the countryside or otherwise ‘off the grid’, you may use an alternative sewage treatment method such as a septic tank or cesspit/cesspool.

As well as upcoming changes to legislation making sewage treatment plants the only approved method of waste treatment, septic tanks and cesspools pose a number of risks and can damage the environment around them.

Find out more about the hidden dangers of septic tanks and cesspits and why you should upgrade to a full sewage treatment plant in our latest blog post.

Pumping system maintenance for schools

Back To School – Are Your Pumps Ready for the New Term?

Pumping system maintenance for schoolsWith summer coming to an end, the new term is looming for schools and other educational establishments across the country.

In these environments, proper maintenance of pumps and associated equipment is essential, but stretched budgets, no maintenance plans and lack of knowledge can often result in schools dealing with unexpected breakdowns.

In our latest blog post, we’ll run through the risks of failing to maintain pumping equipment in schools, the pumps most commonly found in schools, checks you can carry out and how Mawdsleys can help ensure your pumps stay up and running all year round.

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Winter Sewage Pump Maintenance – Avoid Unexpected Breakdown This Winter

Businesses and homes we service don’t stop working throughout the holidays, and neither do we. We know how detrimental a sewage pump failure can be to you, whether it affects the use of your toilet at home or the functionality of your entire business.

Winter can be a difficult time to experience a sewage pump breakdown as many water service specialists close over winter, however, we continue working throughout the Christmas period. There is never a good time to experience a pump breakdown and regular pump maintenance is recommended to prevent this happening.

Common Problems In Sewage Pumps

Pump not turning on – this can be caused by a number of issues, including problems with the float, debris jamming the impeller, the pump not receiving enough electricity, a blockage in the pump tripping the electrics or that the pump has broken down completely.

Pump not turning off – if your pump isn’t turning off it is most likely a problem with your control float switch, it could be stuck in the wrong position or out of adjustment. If you notice an unusual increase in your electricity bills, it could be a sign that your pump is not turning off.

Toilets backing up – This can be caused by a number of issues including a blockage in the pump, a back- up in sump pump area or an issue with the septic tank. A sewage odour will usually be present before the toilets start backing up, if you do notice an unusual odour, avoid using your toilets and taps and call a professional.

Broken pipework – Broken pipework is a common problem in sewage and sump pumps and can lead to flooding of waste water. Broken pipework can be a very expensive repair job if it’s not caught in the early stages, this is why we recommend routine pump maintenance for all the pumps we install.

High-Level alarm sounding – The high-level alarm on your sewage pump is designed to sound when high water levels have been detected. A malfunction can also cause it to sound, you should call a professional immediately if you hear your alarm sounding to eliminate the risk of flooding.

Sewage Treatment Plants Undergoing Maintenance

The Benefits Of Routine Pump Maintenance

Most of the issues listed above are easily prevented with routine maintenance, where we check all the components of your sewage pump to repair any minor damage before it becomes more serious. There are several benefits of our maintenance plans:

  • Routine maintenance reduces underperformance and the risk of unexpected breakdown
  • Having your pump services routinely extends its life expectancy
  • Recognising problems early saves you money on expensive repairs down the line

Why Choose Mawdsleys Pumps?

  • Our tailored servicing contracts allow us to create a service plan that meets your needs, regardless of your budget
  • Our in-house team of expert engineers can identify and fix any pump issues on-site, this allows us to provide a quick and efficient service whilst also keeping pricing competitive
  • We offer 24/7 emergency callout, even throughout Christmas and the New Year
  • Our project management service takes you from initial assessment to final installation of your pump. Whether it’s a replacement part or a complete re-installation, we will recommend the best solution for you and ensure you know how your new equipment works
  • Our engineers are qualified Confined Space Accredited

Talk To The Experts

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