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Keep Your Cricket Pitch In It’s Best Shape With A Portable Irrigation System

Cricket season has begun, teams across the nation will be playing regularly from early March to late September and as any player, groundskeeper or spectator of the sport will know that the quality of the pitch is one of the most important parts of the game.

There are also a number of risks that can arise from poor irrigation on sports fields, including injuries and games being called off.

Find out more about why a good quality pitch is so important for the sport – and the options available to ensure yours is exceptional.

The England & Wales Cricket Board – Recommended Pitch Quality

Having a high-quality pitch allows players to perform at their best, bobbles and dry patches or cracks on the pitch mean wayward bowls, frustrated players and potential injuries, cricket games usually go on for up to five hours – so it’s essential they can maintain their quality for this long.

A couple of the guidelines the ECB set out to ensure the best quality include:

  • The cricket square requires a firm and even surface.
  • The outfield should provide a ‘fast and true’ surface that provides a good and safe foot for the fielding team to prevent injuries and improve the standard of play.
  • Even at the lowest tier of the game, the ball should bounce properly throughout the game.

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How Can A Long Reach Irrigation System Benefit Me As A:


  • An LRI system allows you to effortlessly maintain your pitch without the time needed for manual watering or budget needed for a pop-up sprinkler system.
  • The versatility of an LRI system means you can water the pitch only when needed, this eliminates the chance of the pitch becoming waterlogged or dried out.
  • Our most popular LRI systems (25 & 50) have a radius of 25m & 50m and are able to run on water supplies with low pressure – meaning you won’t need to invest in upgrading your water system.
  • Keeping on top of your pitches health removes the need for any expensive re-seeding in the future.


  • A high-quality pitch allows you to play at your best – bowls will run across the wicket smoothly without any bobbles – this also makes for a fairer game.
  • When the pitch is in good condition, fielders will fall less often – reducing the risk of injury.
  • If it is a particularly hot day, the LRI system can be used during the break to ensure it remains at a good standard throughout the day.

Can We Afford To Have A Great Quality Pitch As A Lower-Tier Club?

Despite what you may think, you don’t have to be a high-tier club to have a great pitch. Our LRI systems are ideal for clubs who can’t afford to invest in underground systems or pop up systems – allowing you to quickly water your pitch and even adjust their position to target problem areas where the pitch is frequently drying up.

What Other Sports Pitches Use Irrigation?

Aside from cricket fields, our LRI systems have proved to be very effective across a number of different sporting fields including:

Football Pitches – In the highest leagues of football, clubs usually have pop-up sprinkler systems and huge grounds teams. Portable irrigation is the perfect solution for having a great quality pitch without the hefty price tag – we have supplied LRI systems to a number of mid to high-tier clubs throughout the years including, Taunton Town FC, Hoddesdon Town FC and Bristol Rovers FC.

Rugby Pitches – Because of the nature of the sport, good irrigation for rugby pitches is absolutely essential, not only is there a lot of wear tear on the pitch – but players tend to get injured more frequently and landing on hard ground can make injuries more severe. We have provided irrigation for all tiers of rugby clubs, from local teams right the way through to Rugby World Cup training grounds.

In addition to these, LRI systems are also used for hockey fields, school sports fields and equestrian centres. They can also be used in industrial application such as dust suppression in quarries.

Portable Irrigation System Video

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