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Why do I need to have an Ultra Violet Filtration Service?

More households than ever are looking for ways to utilise water supplies that are naturally and freely available, whether this be from private wells, boreholes, lakes and reservoirs.  There is no better taste than pure rainwater, however, the method used to collect the water means it is prone to many harmful bacteria that

is not obvious to the eye or taste. Ultra Violet Systems can destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganisms that will avoid the use of chemicals or change the odour and taste of your water.

I have never become ill from the water before so why should I have a service?

The quality of water changes daily and, depending on the source, can be affected by variables including surface contamination, flooding, heavy rainfall, drought and snow melt.  Water that was safe yesterday is not guaranteed to be safe tomorrow and there is no easy way to manage the safety of a private water supply without a filtration system in place. Elderly and young children are at the highest risk, as they will not have such a strong immune system, but anyone can be affected.

In fact, many people have commented that after a UV filtration system was installed they have felt less lethargic, and this could be that they have unknowingly been fighting bugs for many years.

What is Ultra Violet Light (UV)?

UV or ultraviolet light is a type of energy found in the electromagnetic spectrum, shining at a specific wavelength.  We are all subject to a small amount of ultraviolet light every time we step into the sunlight. However, it is not visible to the naked eye.

All light is at different wavelengths, for example, a rainbow demonstrates the spectrum of light from red through to blue as each colour shows their individual wavelength.  Ultraviolet is present at the invisible, violet end of the light spectrum.

For over 25 years, UV technology has been used as a safe and trusted, cost-effective process to purify water and eliminate harmful micro-organisms by the water industry, bottled water manufacturers, and homeowners.

How often should I service my Ultra Violet Filtration System?

An ultraviolet lamp will remain effective for between six – twelve months depending upon the water quality. The light will continue to operate long after this period but will not generate the required intensity of UV light. We normally recommend a service every 12 months, to include a sediment filter element and lamp change, to ensure that water quality is maintained within safe limits.

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