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What to Expect From Your Booster Pump Maintenance Contract

Booster pumps play a vital role in environments such as schools, blocks of flats and apartments, public buildings and offices; increasing water pressure to enable the transportation of water across several storeys.

When booster pumps fail, the result can be extremely disruptive for building users, with water pressure dropping and in some cases water supplies being cut off completely.

Unfortunately, many premises that rely on a booster pump neglect regular qualified maintenance, leaving essential tasks to on-site maintenance and repair teams who may not have the skills, tools and expertise to properly maintain pumps or notice when something is wrong before it’s too late.

Read our latest blog post to find out more about the recommended frequency of booster pump maintenance, what should be checked during a service, signs that a service may be due as well as providing  a  checklist to help you carry out routine checks yourself.

Recommended Booster Pump Service Frequency

If you’re responsible for the care and ongoing maintenance of a booster pump, you should aim to have it serviced by a professional pump engineer annually. Preventative maintenance of your pumps through a regular pump service plan offers a number of benefits including:

  • Reduced risk of unexpected breakdown.
  • Increased efficiency of the pump.
  • Decreased risk of injury from pump malfunction.
  • Higher building user satisfaction.
  • Reduced noise and vibration from the pump.
  • Rectification of small problems before they develop into larger (and more expensive) ones.

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What’s Checked During a Booster Pump Service?

During a booster pump service with Mawdsleys Pumps, a number of key components will be inspected to assess their health. Before the inspection commences, a full risk and method statement in undertaken, following this, a series of checks are carried out including:

  • Take pump information including serial number, KW, volts, amps phase, etc.
  • Water tank valve ball.
  • Inlet pipe work and valves.
  • Outlet pipe work and NIR/Valves.
  • Pressure vessels check.
  • Tank pressure check.
  • Gauge check.
  • Pressure sensor check.
  • Start and stop pressure.
  • Speed control system.
  • Single phase.
  • 3 phase.
  • Hours run.
  • Rotation of motors.
  • Running amps.
  • Earth and bonding.
  • Check earth trip.
  • Check panel.
  • Check bulbs on panel.
  • Check pumps.
  • Return to automode.

Throughout the inspection, vital components such as bearings will be replaced. Following inspection, a full report will be issued to highlight any areas that require remedial work or may soon require attention.

Signs That Your Booster Pump Is In Need Of a Service

In addition to your regular maintenance contract, you should call in a professional pump engineer if you notice any of the following:

  • Excessive vibration from the pump.
  • Excessive noise being created by the pump. Read our blog to find out more about controlling noise in your booster pump system.
  • Low water pressure.
  • No water pressure.
  • Rust or degradation within any component of the pump.
  • Leaking from pipework or pump unit.
  • Increase in energy bills.

Booster Pump Maintenance Checklist

Before carrying out any pump maintenance or visual checks, you should ensure you have consulted the pump manufacture’s supply manual and have the right protective equipment. You should aim to carry out the following checks on a monthly basis:

  • Visual inspection of the shaft seal for any leakage, you should call a professional pump engineer if you notice any leakage.
  • Visual inspection of the pumps pressure and discharge gages, any abnormal readings should be assessed by a professional pump engineer.
  • Check of the pumps foundation to ensure the frame is secure – any bolts that are loose should be tightened – if this problem reoccurs is could be a sign of excessive vibration.
  • Check vital components of the pump for any rust or other degradation.

To help you keep on top of routine maintenance, we’ve created a free inspection checklist for responsible persons. Click the button below to download your copy.

Download free booster pump maintenance checklist

Booster Pump Maintenance Contracts at Mawdsleys

At Mawdsleys Pumps, we offer pump maintenance and servicing contracts for all types of pumps within any environment.

Our maintenance contract users benefit from priority response, regular preventative maintenance visits, 24/7 national call out and more to ensure their pumps are running as efficiently as possible with minimal risk of breakdown.

For more information about our pump maintenance contracts or any of our other services, give one of our expert team a call today on Bristol: 0117 954 8030.

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